Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here she is with no teeth. We tease her that she has a monster smile. So here she is growling.

A wide smile to show off her empty spaces.

I was trying to get Jonathan Robert to let me take a picture of the staple in the back of his head. Instead, he wanted to watch me take the pictures, while having a finger in his nose.
So I took a picture of it, after he fell asleep.

Here it is. One staple in the head. He was on a razor scooter when a big kid, who was not looking where he was running, crashed into him and made him fall. He barely cried. I didn't even think he was really hurt. I hugged him better and noticed he had left blood on my arm. It was only like an inch wide but it was open and I can't put a butterfly band-aid on that! So I fed the kids dinner and bathed them before packing all three of them up, to go to the E.R.

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