Thursday, July 3, 2008

This evening we went to Progressive Power Tumbling & Trampoline. I forgot to take my CAMERA! so here are some pics I saved from their website. We had a blast!

The focus of the attraction! The Foam pit! I would jump in and not even hit the bottom. I had to pull with all my strength to get my feet loose from the blocks of foam. Whew, it was a lot of work to get out!!!!

A fun rope that we all swung on to fly into the foam pit.

These tramps are super high bounce! Charity and I would each get our own tramp and do spread Eagles and other fun tricks. No, I didn't do a flip.

Behind this person is a tramp runway! my kids had so much fun on these. Boy, did Mommy jog a lot on these with the kids!
We had a blast! Micheal reserved this place for 90 mins so all of our extended families could come. No one was able to make it. :( So it was four men and me with my kids. 5 adult and 3 kids. My hubby Jonathan had to work. :( He would have loved to be there! We honestly had a blast and want to plan this event again!!

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