Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I watched Super Size Me and I really enjoyed it. I have been wanting to eat healthier and this just affirmed to me how important it is to eat home made foods. Fast Food is a fun one in a while treat, less than once a week! I recommend this documentary.

I have always thought that our country needs to radically change our medical and insurance systems. I didn't like Micheal Moore's views on our country but, his movie was interesting to watch. I kept wondering though out the movie what is the other side of all this. He only tells us a portion of a side that he wants, doesn't give all the facts and hints pretty big that our country is corrupt. What truly is socialized medicine? It can't all be good and I'm sure it doesn't come almost free as he would have us believe. I would like to look into this topic much more. Don't just take Micheal Moore view!

I'm packing, cleaning and packing some more. I may not post for awhile.


Monica said...

Holly countries with good socialized health care pay like 40% of their income to taxes. Thats a lot of money!! Monica

sparkle brightly said...

That sounds awful, 40% of income.

Our insurance companies are just that companies! They are trying to earn money, not give all Americans health coverage. They will try to have a reason to not cover preexisting illnesses, or that's experimental or whatever, instead of taking care of our citizens. We pay a fortune for heath care. and than the poor get better health coverage than the middle class who pay the taxes to give health coverage to the poor. We need to fix that and make full health coverage affordable. I don't know what the answer is but I think we could fix some thing about it.