Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Charity Deann

Oh my sweet first born! I love her like no one else. I look back to when Charity came into my life....I see that I have grown so much as a person and especially as a mother because of the trials I had gone though for my sweet Charity. I am so grateful for these trials.

I had Charity when I was eighteen years old. The day I found out that I was pregnant, I decided I was going to fully convert into the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was going to live in a way that I could be a good mom to this precious child, who shortly would enter my life.
Some of the trials I went though were, of course, having Charity when I was eighteen. I was at that time trying to fit in with Young Single Adult groups who were to me, people that were better than me because they didn't have children out of wedlock. It took me a long time to get over that. Once I did, I had to find Charity a father amongst, this group of LDS young adults. After I was married, we than had to go though a long process for Charity to be adopted by him. Some things for her adoption were hard for me to do, like contact the person that got me pregnant, spend lots of money and move to a new apartment.
I did all these hard things because, I love Charity and I wanted her to be happy with a good dad who loved her so much, that he would adopted and seal her to him. She would be his in every way but one. Even without the genetics Charity looks just her daddy and he feels no difference between her and our other children, she doesn't either.

Charity has taught me how to be kind, more patient, how to have fun and what being a responsible adult means. lol. Parents learn so much from there first born children. I am glad that Charity was my first born because she has such a strong spirit she was able to handle my shortcomings and mistakes as a parent.

Charity loves to be silly, so she can make herself laugh really hard! She loves to do active things like swimming and jump rope. She wants to be a good person and tries to choose the right even when, it is really hard for her. She thinks of others and likes to do nice things for people. She is especially good and caring of her siblings.....when she is not teasing them. sigh. Charity is really good at sharing! This is how she has made most of her friends. My favorite thing she says is "easy peasy rice and cheesy." She is fun and bright and I love her so much!


DS at the well said...

Now that I'm here in Texas, It seems right that I comment on you blog! I am so impressed with the mighty change that you wrought in your life. Your determination to give Charity the very best possible life was inspiring. I Love you so much--find something to make you smile today! Love Mom

Greg and Talena said...

Charity is a cutie! Michaela says HI!!!