Friday, November 14, 2008

I just found lots of friends and neighbors blogs. Look on my profile to check some of them out. I couldn't get everyone's blogs followed, sorry if your blog is not listed. It wouldn't work or I don't know about your blog.

I was tagged by Mitzi! We just found each others blogs. Thanks Mitzi I needed something to write about!

8 TV shows
-Pushing Daisies
-Ugly Betty
-Spongbob Square Pants
-Samantha Who

8 things I did yesterday
-dropped off and picked up Charity from school.
-went to the distribution center (I really,really miss, not having to drive 50 mins on complicated freeways to get to a store.)
- bought WOW expansion (if you don't know what this is, than I'm not telling.)
-picked up my daddy's prescription.
-Got Wendy's for lunch.
-emptied and loaded the dishwasher.
-made chicken noodle soup for dinner cause Charity is sick.
-ordered bare minerals makeup.

8 places I love to eat
-Cafe Rio in Provo!
-My father-in-laws Thanksgiving dinner, cause he makes the best turkeys ever.
-my mother's house, when the family is gathered.
-At Danelle's, I love here cooking too.
-At Monica's when she makes home made sushi and desserts or has pool parties.
-on the couch. the table chairs are too hard and uncomfortable.
-Susie's pool and barbecue area, lots of fun.
-basically, anywhere that I did not have to cook.

8 things I am looking forward to
-having health insurance in December
-buying our first house
-my hubby getting a car so I can have my van during the day
-being out of debt
-did I mention buying a house
-seeing Twilight the movie.
-my children being able to do a big list of chores

8 things on my wish list
-a nice house that has 4+ bedroom, 2 bath, at the very least 1600sq ft, big back yard with a cute playground and pretty garden, a nice sitting room, home library, office, playroom, media room, large kitchen.
-a maid service and yard service for my dream house.
-travel to visit siblings who are out of state!
-spending a weekend with Julielee and her kiddos, which includes meeting baby Samuel!
-a new wardrobe.
-a babysitter every weekend.
-more fun family outings.
- more energy.

8 people I tag
-Amy R
-you! the one reading this.

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