Friday, November 28, 2008

Today is our Five year anniversary!

November 28, 2003
Jonathan and Holly Hoopes

Mesa Arizona Temple

We were married the day after Thanksgiving on the 28th. We celebrate each year the day after Thanksgiving cause, that has the feeling of our anniversary. We also celebrate on the 28th of Nov which doesn't always lands on that day after Thanksgiving. We usally get to celebrate our anniversary twice a year. Not this year darn-it, the 28th landed on the day after again. So in our five years of marriage we had 3 children, 3 moves, 2 minivans, 2 cars, 1 baccalaureate degree, 9 jobs between the two of us, lots of trials and lots of fun!


Mitzi said...

Congratulations! Anniversaries are always a wonderful thing. You guys look so happy on your wedding day, as I am sure is still the case! Have a great weekend!

Greg and Talena said...


Julielee said...

Happie 5 years of Eternal Happieness!!! :) Yes I'm a dork :) You two look so cute in your pictures and your cuteness grows as your family does :) We Love you and miss you :)

Trista said...

So exciting! Even though I'm a little late! ... You should read my blog! .... I'M ENGAGED! :D Your wedding pictures are SO cute! I can not wait to get married! Love!