Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey guys! I know that I haven't posted in a while. I haven't felt very well. But I thought I'd post and let you all know that we are looking for a house. I am so excited! It looks like it won't be long before we are neighbors with Jonathan's big sister Brenda in Laveen AZ! Like just around the corner or on the same street. We have a house that we are seriously considering putting an offer on. We would like to look at it again and look at a couple more houses in the neighborhood first. Here is the house we are considering... 4beds2bath

This house is on the same street as his sister but it is like 10 thousand more than we want to spend. 4beds2bath with 500 more sq feet than the first.

This house is on the same street as the first house we are considering. It has a 1,000sq feet on the one we might buy. But, this one looks like it may need lots of work and of course it is like 8,000 more than we want to spend. The size is tempting so we do want to make sure that we take a look at this one. 5 bed 3 bath

I will keep you guys posted as we make more decisions, and of couse I will post lots of pictures of the house we do end up getting.


Greg and Talena said...

Sounds exciting! Keep us updated I am envious of any kind of house after being here at Wymount, but I guess you put in your time here. lol

sparkle brightly said...

Yeah, I think I put my time in. 3 years in Wymout and months with my parents is enough time. I remember just thinking I was going to die waiting, for just any house that I could call mine. I am so releaved that it is finally close in the future. Your time will come too, Talena! How much longer until you guys are done with school?

Tiffany said...

So cool. The houses look great. I hope all goes well. YOu will love finally having your own space to do anything with and not worry about neighbors being too loud. Make sure it's big enough for us to come visit. Lol

Britt said...

When we were looking for our first house, we ended up spending a little more than we planned to get more of what we wanted. If we had known that we would be staying longer then originally planned, we would've spent even more for something bigger.

So my advice is: If you think you're gonna be there a while, make sure it's what you want and that you won't get sick of something. (in my case it's lack of storage space.)

JaredandJaclyn said...

All those houses look great. The size would be a selling point for me, plus with the crappy housing market you might just get it for what you want anyway. I say go for a low offer and see what happens.