Saturday, January 10, 2009

January is winter time. I know it really is winter here in Phoenix because, Jonathan sleeps at night with the bedroom windows open and he just about freezes me close to death every morning when it is so cold, frost has settled everywhere. I had to add another blanket to my side of the bed. It really is winter, But....

What is absolutly amazing to me is that the leaves have just started to fall. We can finally rake them up to play in. See our trees in the back yard. So It really is fall here in Phoenix too.

Here are some our leaves we are tromping though.

And what is truly amazing is that grass in growing in January the coldest time in AZ. This used to be just dirt and now real live beautiful grass is growing!! So it is official! It is spring as well.

So there you have it. January in Phoenix is Winter, Fall and spring rolled into one!!


Amazed said...

I don't think this will let me post but I keep trying. I love your seasons all mixed in together. Kind of like goulash!

sparkle brightly said...

lol! I love goulash!