Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today was a big day for me.

Jonathan and I gave talks in sacrament meeting today. I spoke on grace and he spoke on charity. I thought it was great for us since our girls are named Charity and Grace. We actually were given such a broad topic that we were able to choose these topics and it was still within the topic that we were assigned which was "teaching's of Jesus Christ". Well I am no judge for myself but, we did get lots of compliments. People were actually looking at me while I was speaking so, that is a good sign that I at least had their attention.

When we arrived to church early, the second counselor of the bishopric pulled our family aside into a room and gave me a calling. The 2nd counselor in the primary presidency! This is really huge for me! I was totally not expecting to get a leadership calling. I feel confidant even though I haven't served in the primary before. I am excited because Primary is AWESOME!
Anyways, I was sustained in sacrament meeting than went right into primary and was introduced to the children. After church, I was set apart and later after wards, I had a training meeting with the primary president. All the technicalities are taken care of and I am now ready to immerse myself in the work.

PS. Did you know that
-grace is a divine means of help or strength made possible though the atonement?
-It is an enabling power to help us in our time of need.
-We will grow grace for grace until we receive a fullness of HF's glory.
-Those who are doing good works can receive grace which will help them do even more good works than they otherwise would have been able to accomplish on their own.
-We are saved only though grace of Jesus Christ.
-If we are having trouble with a certain sin, than we can call upon HF and ask for the grace of the Lord to help us conquer the sin.
-HF has given grace as a gift to all mankind but, we must do somethings to receive it. We need to have faith, repent, keep the commandments, humble ourselves, and come unto Christ and realize that only though Him can we receive our deliverance.


Greg and Talena said...

Congratulations! That is an exciting day! I am the 1st counselor in Primary here, it is new and excitng for me too.

La Familia Aguilar said...

Now we can talk primary stuff and trade ideas!!

DS at the well said...

I know you will contribute greatly to us having a successful primary. I really benefited from your talks too. Love you!! Mom

Andrea said...

Woohoo! I'm surprised that they didn't pull you in there sooner! You're gonna be awesome.

Amazed said...

I LOVED your thoughts on grace!