Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been wanting to blog for a few days, but I really don't have anything to blog about that is interesting. Charity had this week off of school for spring break. She was so excited to get a second spring break because of the timing of our move. Yeah for her! Except the school gave her a huge packet to have completed before she returns. It evens out to one page a day (including the week-end days) of homework that is two sided. And she also needs to read a book a day which we haven't done. ahhh. I wish I could get her a tutor. She would really benefit from one.

I took the kiddos to a water park this afternoon. It was pretty fun. This is the park that was right across the street from the first house we offered on. I am glad we didn't get that house now that I look back. This house/location is a better fit for our family. We will soon get a fun park across the street from our house. There is a huge lot of land fenced in for a park, maybe a school too.

The kids and I also went to Walmart to return their dumb blinds!! I stinking spent 70 dollars on blinds from there and not even a week after having them one totally breaks and another is too short for the window so it doesn't stay in the brackets very well. Don't buys the blinds from walmart even though they sell them the cheapist. They are cheap for a reason.

The kids and I are gonna go work in the back yard for a while pull'n some weeds. We got some cheap gloves from walmart. So, I guess we're gonna try them out.

Hope to find that cord to my printer soon but, I really think we're gonna need to buy a new one cause, I unpacked most of the boxes and haven't come across it yet.


La Familia Aguilar said...

Man that is a drag. I hate putting up window treatments. I paid my kiddos a penny for each weed they pulled up. We had a lot of weeds!!!
Love you,
p.s. Are you sure you don't want a ham?

Tiffany said...

Too bad about the blinds. Good thing you had nice weather for spring break though. We got snow. Yeah for Utah.