Thursday, May 21, 2009

snips of my life today

Jonathan and I are giving talks again this Sunday in our new ward. We were asked to talk on service. We received a phone call Tuesday night to give our talks this coming Sunday. Last time we had two weeks notice and it was nice because, I had a long time to ponder. However, I had two weeks to freak out and feel nervous. At least this time it is an easy topic and I only have 4 days to worry. I am going though stages of freaking out and stages of feeling the calming spirit helping me along as I prepare. It isn't as scary this time because I recently had just given a talk in our last ward. This is my third talk in sacrament meeting (as an adult) so it is still a BIG deal for me. I am sure I will do just fine.

I was so excited to find out that I have lost 3 pounds this month. It is nice to live in a house with stairs. I run up and down all day long. Also, I am not as hungry as I used to be so that really helps. I am eating smaller portions. I hope I can keep it up and get to a size 10. That would be awesome! I am a small 14.

Yesterday, I took Charity into the dentist for what I was sure was an abscessed (Sp?) tooth. It was, and he pulled it out. I was so upset before the appointed and ended up crying it out at the office in front of the dentist and two assistants. This is her fifth tooth to go abscessed!!! Her 8th tooth that has been pulled out of her little mouth!! It seems that if she has major work done on a tooth is dies. She also get cavities really easy. I just got all her work done and notice 2-3 months later, the tooth is abscessed and that she has tiny cavities on a couple of her teeth!!! Since the last time we been to the dentist, I have brushed/flossed her teeth and they are still rotting out of her mouth! My other kids have perfect teeth. We really don't have juice and candy that often. The dentists always tell me, I am doing a good job when they see my little kids but, when they see Charity I always get the lecture of how "Mom you need to make sure you brush her teeth and make sure you get in the back." ugh. I am so frazzled about her mouth. It is so expensive too.
(sorry to vent on my blog)

My two year old had his moments today. LoL! He got my big tub of spread margarine out of the fridge and dropped it. It splattered on my floor and all over the cabinets. He also, Dumped a little less than a half gallon of milk on top of the table which dripped off the table onto all the chairs and floor. It took me a long time to clean it up but, when I did my floors were nice and shiny from the butter!
Later today, He decided to help with laundry(he loves to help me). While scooping the powdered laundry soap, he flung it up and got it in his eye. I put him in the tub and rinsed his eye than decided to put him in the shower and told him to put his face in the water. His eye got really red even his face around his eye, and up onto his forehead was red. I called poison control just to be sure that I just had to worry about rinsing his eye. The lady just told me everything I already knew and was already doing. This happened right as we were needing to leave to pick up Charity from School. So we were pretty late picking her up.
It's all part of normal life for a two year old.... sigh.

Grace has been a calm angel. She is my easy child. I have to make sure she gets off of the computer or away from the TV and have some playtime/cuddle time with me. She keeps to herself most of the day. She is a delight right now when I get her talking. So sweet and funny. She is full of questions and discoveries. Things about bodies, why people like things they like, Christ, holidays, what gifts she can give people, why daddy works, lyrics to songs, when she thinks she will quit sucking her thumb....... She is fun and interesting to talk to. My four year old rocks!

As for my last post we have decided to buy our trees now and really baby them this summer. Than buy enough paint for the main living spaces in the house. Although I am now wondering if I really want to paint. Jonathan Robert wrote on my walls this week with pencil. I know it washes right off but still, I would have been sooo mad if I had just painted and he did that.

ps. Charity and Jonathan Robert Rock too!


Tiffany said...

I guess we're all having similar mommy moments. I hope things get better for you. Good luck with tour trees.

JaredandJaclyn said...

After reading your post I figured out that it is nice to read other mom's stories. I had to clean up poo tonight from my almost 6 yr. old that didn't wipe very well, well at least not very well on his bum. He got everywhere else pretty good. Grosse:(

Julie B. said...

You are so great. Don't give up. I am so thankful for the blessing you are to all of your family. Great job!

Clarkmomma said...

I'm sitting here reading your blog as I listen to my almost 4 year old (she has 3 days left so I might as well say 4) scream and throw a fit. She's in her bed, because I sent her there, with her door closed, becuase I got tired of listening to her scream with it open. It's nice to know sometimes that you aren't the only one dealing with craziness.