Monday, June 1, 2009

West Clear Creek

And we're Off! Leaving our house to meet the family at...

Dick's Sporting goods at 8 am

but not everyone is there. We don't get out of there until just after 9 am.
While waiting we take some pictures.
This is the new Buddy!! He is the sweetest loving Calm Dog.

What a cute family.

Buddy Loves, LoVeS His Micah..... and Susie too, Just not as much as Micah

My little kids are scared of dogs but not this one.

He's so gentle. He doesn't jump on them or overly lick them either, which they appreciate.
We finally leave Dick's and
When driving for an hour to our destination I get this. Isn't this the sweetest sleeping baby face?

We have to drive on this dirt road for a few miles behind Micah who makes us eat his dirt. My van is filthy now. Thanks Micah

The beginning of the hike. Everyone is so excited they walk really fast. Jonathan kept saying things like "Holly hurry up." But I was enjoying the scenery.

It's only a mile but Grace is hitching a ride on her special Uncle Brian

When she is not being carried by him she just holds his hand. She loves him.

This looked much more beautiful in person but it was a beautiful hike. It feels so nice to be surrounded by nature.
(Jonathan calls me from ahead) doesn't he know I'm savoring the beauty.
We finally reach our destination!!! The Water Slide!
We totally monopolized it while we were there.
Notice how big my shorts are on me. It's exciting to see that. I really am losing weight!!!!

Jonathan Robert loved the slide. I had to be right there to catch him each time. the current is pretty strong.
he's climbing up the rock to have another turn

Grace's turn, with her special Brian again.
(sorry about my boobs, It's my only bathing suit)
note to self buy a new swim suit.
Jump in Charity!!

Isn't she so cute! Charity had a blast!! She gets silly when she is happy.

That's my girl! Can you feel how much fun we had by looking at her?

Or by looking at this?

Or this one?

This place is so fun even the adults had to have their turns.

Morgan taking care of Jonathan Robert for a while. Thanks Morgan. I was tired of having to stand against the current to catch him.

My nephew Denver He's really cool.

My nephew Dillon who is cool too. I can tell by the gang sign he throws up.
The water was cold so we would play on the slide for 10 minutes, then get out, Then play for 10, then get out. It gets kinda repetitive.

See totally repetitive. Or is this the same picture?
Monica gets a picture of me with my girl.

Hey what are those cool guys up to?

Monica and Morgan chillin' on a rock.

Monica took these photos. Actually, she took most the pictures while at the creek.

I am not a person who remembers to take my camera with me.

Than when I do, I feel dumb carrying it around and going click,click with it.
Or maybe I am just busy chasing Jonathan Robert around that I miss these cute moments.
At three, dark clouds blew in and gave us lightning and thunder.
So, we packed up and left a little early.

This is the scene in my van after 5 minutes. They were so tired after a full day of fun.
We made fun memories at West Clear Creek. When are we going again? We're ready for more.


Monica said...

Holly, I love that you told the story of our trip in between photos! Since I only have dial up it takes so long for photos to upload that I can only do four or five and that takes a half hour or more. Oh well, I loved your photos of the wait at Dick,s and the starting photos from the car theywere fun! Love, Monica xoxo

DS at the well said...

FUN FUN Blog you are the best! Loved it all until I got the end and had to see the alien in the last post. (shudder) Mom

Julie B. said...

Love the tired pic. Fun, fun day. Reminds me of days up at Red Rock in Waterton. Love you

Greg and Talena said...

that looks like so much fun! (exerris

Tiffany said...

What a fun place. Love it when they play so hard the fall asleep quickly. Congrats on the weight loss you go girl.

JaredandJaclyn said...

What a fun time! The water looked very refreshing!

Clarkmomma said...

All I'm feeling right now is cold so it's hard for me to picture it being warm enough to swim. Get me next summer when we're actually back in AZ again-then I'll be feeling the heat and ready to go swimming again. (or at Christmas when it's over 100 deg here). Anyway, looks like a lot of fun!

DS at the well said...

Holly, I had to scroll back and look at this post again. So Fun, you did a great job sharing the day!