Monday, November 2, 2009

Squids will be Squids

I hate the book Squids will be Squids. The first story in this tale goes something like this...

Fox says, "Lets play in the park!!!"
"Yeah!" said mouse and (some other animal I can't remember at the moment.)
But squid says, "No my legs are too tired."

Fox says, "Let go to the movies!!"
"Yeah!" says, mouse and (anonymous animal).
Squids says, "There's nothing good playing right now."

Fox says, "Lets go shopping!"
"Yeah!" says mouse and (stupid animal I can't remember).
Squid says, "No, shopping is boring, I'm going home."

"Yeah!" say's Fox, Mouse and (?animal?).
And the three go play in the park, watch a movie and finish the day shopping.

Moral of the story, Squids will be Squids....

I hate this story because, I'm the stupid Squid! Every time I read this dumb book to my kids I say to myself,
"Yep, I'm still a Squid."

I was invited to go camping with my family, I say
"No, I would have anxiety attacks about my kids getting hurt in the middle of nowhere."

I was invited to go to dollar day at Goodwill with all my siblings and I say,
"No, I don't have any money to spend."

I was invited to go to the Zoo and I say,
"No, I don't like going to the Zoo it's no fun at all."

Stupid Squid!

The book was quietly put in the recycling bin and pushed out to the curb.


DS at the well said...

LOL. liked your post but hope that you don't think too negatively about yourself!! Just keep "moving forward"!!

Anonymous said...

Somedays I feel like a stupid squid as well. What I liked about this post (besides the honesty) is that I noticed this book is beastly fiction. Fiction isn't true.

Squid days? Yes.

Stupid squid? Absolutely not!

xo Marilyn