Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adventures from the Bard

My Awesome Father-in-law decided to take my family to the bard.
(which is church property and also is where my hubby proposed to me!)

The church used to keep up the land and sell oranges but, it wasn't making money so they stopped watering the trees. It's kinda sad to see hundreds upon hundreds of trees die.
They have it all locked off and for some reason they have some beautiful horses in it. It was so much fun to be in this huge area with horses just wandering around!

We picked as many oranges that we possible could before going crazy. We ended up filling our trunk with oranges and now are drinking lots and lots of fresh tart orange juice!

So, I love nature! I love to go for walks just to enjoy the scenery. Well... While at the bard, I took some pictures in the rows of trees thinking how cool is it to look though this tunnel of trees and see a tiny arch at the end of the row! It's like really far away. Totally cool right?

I mess around with my camera to try and get the best possible picture,
so I can enjoy this lovely site for time to come.

When I upload the pictures of these supposed beautiful scenic photos, all I can see is the million piles of horse poop!!!

Here they are, the big poopers, on the other side of the road from the trees. Just eating and pooping, of course. sigh.


Britt said...

The last time I was able to walk around those orchards was the week you got married! I loved the fresh oranges, lemons, pumelos and grapefruit we picked. It is sad to see it falling apart but your pictures make it still look beautiful.

Holly Hoopes said...

Britt, you are thinking of the ranch that was just a couple of miles away from the big house we lived in. The Bard is a different ranch that is way far away. Which only had orange trees. I'm not sure how the ranch that your remembering is doing. I assume they are still running it.

Cristy said...

Very pretty shots! Great job Holly!

Tiffany said...

Love the pictures. The one with the horses is great. I miss going there and picking oranges. Those memories will always be some of the best and they just happen to go right along with your wedding! Love the drawing, you are so talented. Good to have you back in the blog scene.

JLJ said...

Hey Holly! Fun blog! I enjoyed going through your last few posts. I did not know you were an artist.

About the community sports stuff. There is a website, that has links for several different sports. The soccer league that I wrote about is actually not the one that is linked to in the laveen sports webpage. Here is the website for the soccer league: They have fall and spring seasons.

If any of your kids are interested, t-ball registration is going on right now, until Feb 7. If you want to look up the info, the group is called Laveen Youth Ball Association.

Good luck!

Robert K Hoopes said...

I had a lot of fun. It was amazing how much citrus we got.

Tamara said...

Gorgeous pictures, and very sweet story --- I love that place, and I've never been there.

And, for the record - I didn't notice the horse poop until you mentioned it...

Julie B. said...

How I miss the citrus we used to get. The poop is hilarious. They must be older. I think that is what happens when you age, eat and poop.

Monica said...

Holly, I think the pictures are great! I love the one w ith Charity. And it's not poop it's fertilizer!!