Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been wanting to post for a long time. I have a lot of updating and one update that is really hard for me but, I think belongs here on my blog as it has to do with two of my last posts. I need to get this hard one done before I can move onto happier and easier topics.  

In December, my brother-in-law Micah died in a car accident. He was only 25. My heart still aches for him, for my sweet little sister and for the tragedy of it all. One of the things I keep saying about Micah, is that he was the most sincere person I've ever met. It sounds like not a huge thing, to be sincere, But I believe it is a God given gift to have a true sincerity that Micah had. 

I have no regrets, I told him that I loved him and I was glad he was in my family and married my sister. I admired his faith and his ability to share his testimony. He was amazing with kids! He loved and upheld my sister as the most beautiful woman in the world. He helped her to become a better person and grow into a faithful daughter of God. 

He brought an aspect of fun into my family and got us off our lazy butts to go outside and play a game of kickball, or a card game or some kind of activity as a family. We've lost a piece of our family. We are hurting. We miss him.  

I am comforted at the thought that he is with Christ and is, I'm sure, continuing in the work of spreading His good word to others.

The news did a nice story on Micah a couple of days after his death I would like to share. 

Here is the blog Micah's cousin, (who is like his brother) created for him. He with the help of his wife, also put together the wonderful picture video of Micah's life which includes fun little video clips of Micah. He also wrote Micah's obituary. Which are both on the home page of the, I love Micah Kaplan blog.

These video's are hard for me to watch. It's been 4 months now and for this whole time, I'd open my blog to do another post, but than I'd see the previous two posts I've done and they have Micah's words and his video. I just couldn't post the birth of my baby or other happy news on here until I was ready to share the news of Micah. 
I love and miss you Micah!!


Cristy said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad. I am so sorry to hear about that! Your poor sister. Life is so fragile. Thanks for reminding me today to enjoy the moments I have. xo

B*N*B said...

Thanks for sharing Holly, it was beautiful. He sounds like an awesome awesome man! Your sister is a special woman and has a special man in the heavens fighting for her and the gospel. Our family will say a prayer for you all tonight. All our love.

Anonymous said...

Micah was a true hero and someone that inspires me to this day