Friday, September 23, 2011

Kara Joy's hand crochet dress

I made this dress for my sweetie pie, Kara Joy. Kara Joy is six months in these photos. This is hand crochet. I used the Patons Grace yarn. I am pleased with how well it turned out. I  bought this pattern on Etsy and then made some changes to it. I designed the underskirt and ribbon to be inter-changeable with different colors which I haven't got around to doing yet. :)

I love the ribbon in the back.

Kara Joy is truly a joyful baby and brings lots of joy into our family. She is always smiling.

Jonathan Robert loves Kara Joy the most! Sweet siblings.
My sweet boy!
Here he is just a couple of weeks before his fifth birthday!


Julie B. said...

Nice to see you blog again. Her dress and sweet face are beautiful.

B*N*B said...

you are so talented!

DS at the well said...

I love these pictures!!!! Kara Joy and JR are both getting so big!!! XOXOXO I know I looked at this blog a year ago but it is nice to look again and see the cutie grandkids.