Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun places

My best friends just started a new website to sell their homemade journals/sketchbooks. I love there books and wanted to share their site with you it is I will defiantly be getting at least one book from them. I will miss them dearly when My husband graduates from BYU and we will not have them as neighbors. Our home is Phoenix AZ and there home is Spokane WA. I love you Hawker family!!

I am a member of and am always adding new books I have read and how I like each one. I am currently reading (very slowly) 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' by Lemony Snicket I am on the 11th book out of 13 and love the way the author writes these books for young readers. He has vocabulary words all over with the definition of each word to raise the readers level of reading. He is a talented writer, I love how he has tied himself into the story line and seems almost a fictional character in real life. He has never let a release of a photo or any personal information of himself out in public. I am thinking he was wise for that.
I am so looking forward to my trip to Phx. in two weeks from now!!! I am a bridesmaid and Charity is the flower girl at my little sister's wedding. We decided that flying was cheaper for my family than driving and since my student husband isn't coming, I could stay as long as I wanted with the kids. I have elected to stay 3 weeks in the Hot sun to soothe my cold body from the horrific torture of Provo's past winter and it now teasing me of warm spring. It is May 2nd and COLD outside, I am in a sweater and feel chilled as I type. I am so sick of being cold!! I want to work out my sweat glads from months and months of no exercise.

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