Saturday, May 3, 2008

This morning Charity and I went to a baptism and it was a good one. Two neighbor children were confirmed members of the church today. I loved having this opportunity to speak with Charity about the decision to become a member and take Christ name upon you. We also discussed why receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is so important while at a young age and than though out the teen years. I am so glad that we made it to a Sat. morning baptism!

Jonathan's Grandmother had a heart attach Tues. night and is getting open heart surgery this morning. She is supposedly doing well and we pray that her surgery and recovery will go as smoothly as possible. She is a lovely woman and is serving other everyday. She has been an amazing support for us here in Utah and is an amazing example of a true follower of Christ to me. We love her dearly.
I wanted to promote another website yesterday. It is This website you go on and play a vocabulary game. For each word you get right you earn 20 grains of rice. There is no limit to the amount of rice you can earn. The rice is actually donated to all over the world to fight world hunger. Individuals and companies donate to this Charity and it really is donating tons and tons of rice. I think it is Amazing. I go on and earn 1000 grains of rice each day. I wonder how much that actually amounts to, 1/4 of a cup? So check it out and have fun.

My little sister Susie has a professional photographer for her wedding. A woman named Kadie is the wife of Susie's fianc├ęs' cousin. Anyways she has a wonderful website and has added Susie and Micah to her website under engaged. She also put up a lot of their pics. on her blog which is a link to her website. Susie has short blond hair and Micah also has blond hair. http://www.pangburnphotography.comamazing photos her work inspires me. Did I say I was a little jealous of my sister?

My husband is rocking out on his electric guitar right now. He sound really good. Rock use to be hard for him to play since he is classically trained. When we moved to Utah he's been teaching private lessons, at The Music School in American Fork, and has had to conform to different styles of music. He has always been a very, very talented musician and now has improved as a rock star! I wonder if he'll let me swoon at his feet? Ahhhh! Woooo! He's so cute!

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