Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monica and I pose for pictures, we're twins in Green.

Susie is trying to find a new home for Rasta and took pictures to show how good Rasta is with kids. He lets them put dress up on him!!! Sweet Rasta we hope you find a good family to live with.

I found great swim wear for Grace and Jonathan Robert at Fry's Marketplace here in Phx. They are body suits that have SPF 50 in them. I like them because they are modest for the kids and the kids look really good in them. I hate how bathing suits are so reveling even if you wear a whole peice, you still feel like your bearing all to the world. So Jonathan and I decided we wanted to always just buy body suits for our kids. Anyway, I love this swim wear clothing and there website is
The Suits are $10 more online than they are sold in the stores here in phx. and I am sure you would have to add shipping and handling too. I actully wasn't able to get Charity one because the stores didn't have any for her size. So I am trying to find her some cute bored shorts to go with a sun wise shirt I was able to get in her size. Anyone know were I can buy feminine looking bored shorts, (not the swimming trunks)? I want the cool style of the bored for her and one for myself as well.

We are having a blast here in AZ! I have enjoyed all of my visits with family. I can't wait to get a visit in with Dana and her family. I also am missing my sweet husband! Love you hunny.

Susie's Wedding is in 4 days!

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