Monday, May 12, 2008

My family was so nice to me on Mother's Day. They made all the meals and I didn't even have to change the 2 poopie diapers yesterday. I was given candy, and an expensive scripture marking pencil. They also gave me my favorite scent at bath and body works. Japanese cherry blossom. It has a candle, perfume, body lotion, shower gel, body wash, hand cream and a smelly mini pillow thing. I am glad they thought of me on mother's day and my hubby tried to give me the day off.

I am thankful for my mother and for my husband's mother!! They have a great love for their families and they have shared their testimonies to their children as often as needed. Jonathan and I are better people for our mothers faith, and for their example of how to live the gospel. Thanks Moms!! You both have blessed my life. I Love you!!!!

I tried to pack as much as we could so we would be ready for tomorrow's plane ride to AZ. I realized Grace doesn't have even one short sleeve shirt for summer and Jonathan Robert only had like three. Charity is somehow Always good on clothes. So I will be shopping once I am in AZ to get my kids some appropriate shirts for the weather.

A special shout out to Brian and Allen for doing me a favor and cleaning in mom's back yard for me! I love you guys and am excited to hug you two!!

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