Friday, May 30, 2008

Some of Susie's wedding pictures have been posted on Kadie's Blog. Susie looked so beautiful! Thank you Kadie we love the pictures, You are Awesome!!!

The kids and I are still in AZ and will leave on Tues. I am ready to be home and see my husband. Friends beware, I want lots of dates with my husband when I get home we'll need babysitters.

I have been debating on buying bare esscentuals makeup. I look/feel really good while wearing it. However, the first time you buy a starting kit it will end up being so expensive! I will definitely buy the makeup eventually, I just can't seem to spend the money right now while Jonathan K is still a student.

Charity was given 10 dollars and is dieing to go to the store to spend it. I am going to run up to a store with her now.

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