Saturday, May 31, 2008

I found This DVD movie "Wives and Daughters" at DI for $3.00 and watched it yesterday. I loved it! Molly is raised by her widower father and as a young woman he remarries and she must adjust to life with a step mother who wants her to be a proper woman and to a step sister/best friend who gets all the attention from men and even becomes engaged to a man that it seems Molly cares for more than her. Great movie I am glad that I bought it!!!

My husband bought me a nice camera last night from his brother. My thoughtful husband used our money that he had planned to use for an upgrade on his computer, and instead bought me a camera. Anyways, all I know right now is that it has 8 mega pixels and it is a larger camera with different lenses and lots of options on it, my brother-in-law took great pictures with it and it is still in great condition. So this means I can post lots of pics on my blog for you all to see. I am so excited to learn how to use it!! Great buy Jonathan!!

Susie and Micah got a call from Joe and Kadie last night. They said that Susie and Micah had been chosen to pose for 10 photographers in about 2 weeks. All expenses will be paid for hair makeup and a tux for Micah. They will also get all the pictures that were taken of them. Susie is excited. They will be like super models!! Have fun Susie!!!

Charity is so broken hearted over Susie's dog Rasta who will soon go to a new home. She cries and worries everyday about him. She has become his constant companion and takes him for walks everyday. Rasta has something wrong with him where he will constantly lick a brick wall. Since Charity has started spending so much time with Rasta he has improved. He hardly licked the wall the past few days. It must be some kind of anxiety or something and Charity is helping with it. She is so cute with him too. So now she is begging every day that Grandma and Grandpa keep Rasta until we get into house so Rasta could live with us. I hope she can come to terms being separated with him.

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