Thursday, June 5, 2008

For the Beauty of the Earth.

Don't I have gorgeous mountains! I love always being able to look out my window and gaze at the mountains. I took these pictures with my new camera. I am still learning how to take beautiful pictures.

Same mountain. I love how the sun is shinning on it. It makes the green that much brighter.

This is the neighboring mountain. These mountains are constantly changing with the light, rain, clouds, and snow. I will often find myself sitting on my porch swing gazing and thinking.

I wanted to show the two mountains meet together, and between them is another one in the distant. This was my focus and the sun wanted to highlight is as well for me.

This is the Timpanogas mountain, from my patio, peaking though the trees and clouds. In the winter the trees are bare and I can see it more clearly. It still has snow on it.

I am capturing the beauty of our tree. This is our big shade tree in the court yard.

I really like this camera. It takes great pictures outside!

Bright green! The sun is lighting up this branch of leaves.

1 comment:

Soaring Eagle said...

We sooooo miss those mountains!

It is good to see them again, even if it is only in pictures. : )

: ) Shannon