Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is the camera Jonathan bought for me! I really like it! It is a Kodak EasyShare P880. I hope I learn how to take nice pictures with this. What Pictures I took tonight all turned out to be yellow tinted or blurry.

We had lots of fun being together for dinner, after being away from home and Daddy.

At dinner our mash potatoes were really thick so, I let the girls play with it like Playdough.

We also had steaks that were so yummy! Jonathan can cook and season these to perfection.

Today, I got the kids signed up for The Summer Reading Program. Here are their charts on my Refrigerator. The girls will each read 20 minutes a day, and Jonathan Robert will read 5 minutes a day with me.

We read this book for the first time ever, and it was cute and fun. While shopping with my sister Monica, she saw this book, put it in my cart and told me to get it. Thanks Monica we really liked this book. Mothers do love their kids no matter what they are like.

Than we read these great books as well. Can you tell these books have been loved and read lots of times?
I just love 'How Many Dragons Are Behind the Door?' I like the parents reaction though out this book. I laugh when the Duchess cries to her girls, (get the dragons out before there are more! I am happy that each girl has a friend but am more happy that the visit will end. Girls, each pick a baby and take it out to the forest.) Isn't that so true for mothers, we are happy when the visit has ended.

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