Sunday, June 15, 2008

I finally got a date with my husband, since I've been home from Phoenix. He took me to see the new Hulk movie which I loved. I thought it was fun and exciting. I loved the cinematography in the begging and the end of the movie and the action was cool. I did flinch a few times from the violence though. I realized that I really like all the super hero movies. This is a movie you should see, along with Iron Man.

This is one of my new favorite series. The books are by Shanna Swendson. I read the first three last year and had a lot of fun reading them. I really got sucked into Katie's new magical life in New York and wanted more of it! Katie is immune to magic which is really a rare and useful quality. She was sought out by a few guys from MSI (Magic, spells, and Illusions, Inc. ) to work for the company that delt with Magic? She takes the job after adjusting to finding out that magic is real. She ends up being so talented at work, Merlin the Great hires her as his secretary at MSI. While there, she helps with very crucial problems, she meets a cute talented wizard and finds Love?
One of my favorite parts, is when the girls, much to Katie's utter disgust, go to a pond after the bar, and start kissing frogs. I laughed out loud!! I'm not sure which book it is in, because it has been a while since I've read these.

These are the books in order...

I just finished "Don't Hex with Texas" today and thought "That was Fun." These book are pretty clean but not perfect. Katie in New York does go out to bars and drinks with the girls. I didn't find the series offensive at all though. I love the way Shanna Swendson interprets how magic is used and how life would be if it was real in our society. I also love the clean romance in the books as well. I want to buy these books so I can go back and read my favorite parts again.

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sparkle brightly said...

I think Monica and Morgan would like this series. Hope you check them out and try them.