Monday, June 16, 2008

This is the most creative I ever get. This picture is of Jonathan's father's day gift. The stems of each flower is a rolled up piece of paper with a new tie inside each one. He really liked one of the ties and wore it to church!
The kids loved giving this gift to him. I had each child give him a flower and, as they gave it to him, they each told him a reason why they loved him. It was pretty cute. Thanks Jonathan for being a loving father to our children.

Things I hope to accomplish today.....

*Get Charity off to school.
*Mop the kitchen floor.
*Do 5 loads of laundry.
*Organize the kids bedroom closet.
*Wash all the windows and mirrors in my home.
*Wipe down the banister of our stairwell outside my apartment.
*Have a good visit with my Cousin Trista.
-I am excited to visit with Trista! She is so fun and outgoing. I am bound to have fun when she is around.
*Take some good pictures of Trista and my kids!!


DS at the well said...

Hey Sweety, I am happy you started this Blog, I love to hear about you and your family. Dad will even come and look over my shoulder to see the pics. (he likes the ones of the kids) If you get to see Trista again tell her Hi from me. Marvin asked if she has moved down there, (I haven't heard anything about that).

sparkle brightly said...

Oh, that's sweet. I will put a real effort into learning how to take good pictures this week! I will plan on putting up some cute ones for him.
Trista says she is planning on moving to Provo in 2 months.We'll see where life takes her but, She is defiantly going to the family reunion next month! She alway is fun to talk with! WE had a nice visit!