Saturday, June 28, 2008

I pre-ordered my copy of Breaking dawn by Stephanie Meyer!!! I ordered from the BYU Bookstore at 25% off, making it $17.55. Some girls from my ward are going to the release party at BYU bookstore so, I am planning on going with them to pick up my copy! I am looking forward to it.
If you pre-order from Walmart NOW, they have marked the book more than half off. It ends up being about $14.00. So plan ahead to get your copy of the book.
Also, if you don't want to buy it, you need to request your hold of a copy from your library NOW. I tried to put a hold on a copy at my Provo City Library and they will have 40 copies, I ended up being 345 in line to get it! Whew glad I bought mine!

I just finished reading this fun book. Fablehaven is being compared with Harry Potter and is starting to get big. I started this book and had to finish it in the same day. The beginning of the book wasn't grasping but I stuck with it and got hooked.
The first book in the series is about...
Seth and Kendra go to stay with their grandparents they don't know very well for 2 weeks. During their stay they find out about Fablehaven. A magical forest preserve full of magical creatures. There Grandparents are the caretakers of Fablehaven and are looking for new caretaker to inherit the preserve. During the kids stay, their Grandfather is abducted by some evil creatures and Fablehaven will fall if the children don't rush to save their grandparents and the preserve, which it seems is a step in saving the world.
So far there is 3 books out in the series. Here they are....

Also by this Author is The Candy Shop War, which I want to read.

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