Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In our family we do "Mommy/Daughter dates" and "Daddy/Daughter dates" I don't know what we will call these outings when my son is old enough to enjoy this tradition? I'm thinking the sound of "mommy/son date" won't do at all.
Anyways, this week it was my turn to take the girls out on their own date with me. I love movies so that is what we did. Here's what we went to see....

Today Grace and I went on a "Mommy/Daughter date" She was so excited all morning to go and was a doll the whole time. I took her to see 'Horton hears a Who'. She was really into the movie and would ask questions during all the dramatic parts. I thought it was a good enough movie, not my favorite.

Charity and I went and saw this movie yesterday for our "mommy/daughter date". I loved it!! I am a fan of C.S. Lewis so I guess am a little bias. This movie was serious and a tear jerker for me. It was about struggles of making the right decisions without Aslan there to lead them. I related the movie to our relationship with God and how we need to come unto him to look for guidance.

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