Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I loved this book!!! I started to read it today while I was watching my kids play outside than again during nap time and than I finished it this early evening while the kids ran around the house. It was an amazing book. An entertaining and thought provoking book. I am always spares with my descriptions of books because I don't want to give anything away. I defiantly don't want to do that for this book. I don't feel like I can tell you anything about it except just read it. This book is great for discussions. 5 stars


DS at the well said...

Good Morning dtr. This book was our ward's book club selection last month. I didn't buy it and read it but this month is "MoMo by an author named Ende. I still haven't bought it yet either so I guess I had better get on the ball. Susie had her ultrasound and will be seeing her gynecologist next Wed. (He is out of town this week) I think it is a positive note that the Oncologist didn't have her come to him but instead just sent her to the Gyne. She is feeling more positive but it is so scary. Love you and have a great day.

sparkle brightly said...

This book is so popular that I have been unable to get it for my ward for 2 years. We will finally have it for December this year. I had to reserve it 6 months in advance and be the first to ask for it. Whew it has been hard work to get good books for my ward.
I am glad that you guys got to read it in your ward. It must make book reviews harder in your ward if your members have to buy the book for each month. My local library holds sets of popular books that you can check out for your own book club. That way it free for those who want to participate.
I can mail you The giver if you would like to read it.