Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monica and everyone,
Jonathan as of today is planning an interview in Phx. It sounds like he will fly down on the 24th. Last week before he had the phone interview we didn't feel right about moving back to Phoenix. After the phone interview most of our anxiety was relieved. Jonathan feels confident in working at this company. We are serious about it. Moving back to Phoenix is a good possibility.
He is still working out interviews here in Salt Lake and we don't know much yet. We still have other options to go though and see what is best for our family. I feel OK with living in Utah or Arizona.
He will work for two years than he will go back to school for his masters. He can go anywhere for his masters, it would just be easiest to get his masters here at BYU. I guess we won't know for sure until the end of next month. Hopefully, before we have to leave our apartment on the 30th of Aug. It is still upside down for us.

I am now reading Eclipse. Bella is so In love with Edward. Jacob is Bella's best friend she could settle for, but Edward has her heart. Bella feels obligated to Jacob for helping her with her break up and because she can't stand it, if anyone is hurt because of her. She needs to realize that both of the guys are completely in love with her and she will have to break Jacobs heart. You can do it Bella. (Does anyone else think that both Edward and Jacob are imprinted on Bella? I know Jacob said he wasn't but I think he lied to her.)


DS at the well said...

How exciting!!! I know that you will do what ever you and your husband feel is right. It would be fun to have you here in Phoenix but I will come and visit even if you are in Utah. I will see you Tomorrow!!!! We are so excited!!!

Trista said...

I agree... I think Bella is imprinted on both.. I'm reading Eclipse right now as well. I'm a few chapters after Jacob kissed Bella... stupid boy. I dont like Jacob at all! :D Cant wait to see you..btw: I think I'm moving to provo the 20th now! :D