Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our whole family went to an LDS wedding yesterday. Jonathan's cousin Mandy was married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple. Mandy was so beautiful. It was really neat that we got to go. Right afterwards, Jonathan and I were holding hands and the moment we stepped out of the doors, I saw my gorgeous children in the court yard waiting for us! They took my breath away! Overwhelming joy washed over me. I felt that we are so blest by God to have these three perfect children. My testimony was strengthened in the gospel and my love for my family was too.

So I am re-reading the Twilight series, before Breaking Dawn comes out in a few weeks. Twilight the first book I totally love. Jonathan says he likes when I read it cause I am in such a good mood. I am now on New Moon and I can't help but to be totally sucked into the story and be depressed along with Bella. I hope to finish this book soon, so I don't feel down for very long in real life. I used to really think Bella should be with Jacob but, half way though the book the second time and I think the opposite, Edward defiantly! We'll see If I feel the same by the end of the book. I love the Twilight Series! I am so excited for the fourth book Aug. 2nd

I have Bleeding love as the song to go with this post because I think of Bella and Edward's love when I hear this song just since I am reading the books right now.
Yes you can laugh at me now.


DS at the well said...

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful uplifting day yesterday. I love you and when I listened to others playlist, I put that song on mine too just because I liked how it sounded. See you Thursday night. Love :)

Trista said...

Oh I am right there with you! I finished new moon 10 minutes ago! AMAZING... I thought all this crazyness about Stephenie Meyer was stupid! But I am in love! So good! I'm starting Eclipse tonight! btw: never thought she should be with Jacob! Lol
That temple is so pretty! I'm glad you had a good day! See you in a few days! :D

Monica said...

Hey Holly, I can't wait to get to see you and your kidos. Are you moving home to Phoenix? I also got a veggietales cd but I haven't practiced at all! xxoo m