Friday, August 8, 2008

I am packing up the closets today because, I realized that we have one week until graduation!! How exciting! Jonathan came home the other night and was counting the days until he is done with school. He got so excited about the thought of "just a few more days!", that he had a hard time falling asleep that night. Poor guy has been so weighted down with school work this past term. I am so proud of him!

I bought the kids a plastic bat and ball. Man my kids are really good at base ball.
*Charity can hit the ball almost every time I pitch it, even if my throw sucked! Amazing!
*Grace gets it about 1/4 of the time, she is 3 years old and never played before. She rocks!
*Jonathan Robert, the first time we played, he would swing after the ball had landed on the ground. Oh my goodness it was so funny! We were all laughing at him, I guess he didn't like that, so he turned around and bopped Charity on the head with the plastic bat. That made us roar! After a couple days he can actually hit some times, when I pitch right on.

Some mother hood moments this week.

1. Jonathan Robert threw about 9 eggs on my kitchen floor. They all broke!

2. Grace spilled a cup of milk on my carpet.....again!

3. Group effort, In their room the kids unpacked 5 of my boxes and crushed them. I have to use new boxes and repack those ones. They pulled all of the clothes and hangers out of the closet, ripped off the blankets, bedsheets and pillows than, took cake mix and a cup of water to sprinkled it all over everything!

4. I over heard Charity say "You evil brat!"

5. Jonathan Robert dropped a full jar of olives. It broke!

Grace took a ball point pen and scribbled all over her bed sheets.

Charity drew a happy face on Grace's back.

8. Someone threw an egg off the patio. I am on the third floor.

Jonathan Robert empied my expensive airesol can of hair spray.

10. Charity shaved her legs.

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DS at the well said...

Oh my poor baby!! I remember those days but luckily they usually didn't happen all in one week! Charity will soon be in school all day and no longer have all that free time to contribute to the chaos and Jonathan and Grace are getting older every day. This to shall pass. mom