Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay, so I finished Breaking Dawn! Oh my goodness! I don't feel it is appropriate for me to share anymore than that statement about the book to anyone who hasn't got to read it yet.

I went to BYU Bookstore release party. I got there just after 11 and I made in the first half of the line. Whew. They handed out stickers, large pins, candy and Jacob/Edward kisses. I elected to not get a kiss. They put a little spot of glitter on your cheekbone using a colors for each guy. They also had a young man preforming for us with his guitar and singing all of the recent love songs on the radio. He even sang Bleeding Love which is my Bella and Edward's love song! He did a good job. I even saw girls giving him their numbers lol. I got home before 1am and started reading a little bit before going to bed. I finally finished it today. I would love to hear others opinion on the book.

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DS at the well said...

I will try not to reveal too much but I loved the part when she first sees and hears after because that is how I imagine it to be after this life. Many near death experiences talk about the glow, the colors, the sounds that are so inhanced. I think one of the things that draw us to this story is the purity and the surety of Love and its eternal nature. It is fun to be in love even vicariously through Bella, and especially fun when you have such a devoted, caring, powerful and protective yet gentle and controlled. I wonder if we had hundreds of years to perfect ourself and control ourselves we would improve, I kind of doubt it because I think otherwise the Lord would have given us longer on this earth. Well, hope you have a good day and still enjoy a little of the glow from Bella Land!