Friday, August 1, 2008

The Pioneer woman was having a Zune giveaway and she wanted to know what is your all time favorite love song.
Well here are my favorites on my play list.

The first is Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra . This is mine and Jonathan's song because at the end of our first date we found ourselves dancing in a park. He started singing this song to me and it was so fitting that night. It has been our song ever since, and we danced to this at our reception. I feel so in love with him when I listen to this song. "Ever since that night we've been together" "It turned out so right"

The second love song is You are So Beautiful -- the original one. After giving birth to Grace I felt the baby blues pretty hard and Jonathan came home one day with flowers and danced with me to this song. He made me feel "so Beautiful to him" I cried the whole time we danced. He has done this with each baby.
Isn't he so great?

What are some of your favorite songs?

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Trista said...

Hey Holly! .. I'm coming to Provo on Tuesday for a job interview! Will you be around?!