Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jonathan Robert

I had Charity Deann before I married my husband. After six months of marriage we were pregnant with Grace. My husband wanted to name her (Grace Lynn) but I wouldn't have it. After much debate and a huge compromise, I got to name her Grace Suzanne after my middle name and it rhymed with Charity DEANN! Totally important to me at that time. The compromise was that he would get to name the next child since, I got to name two already. Nineteen months after Grace, Jonathan Robert was born. Well his daddy proudly filled out the birth certificate and gave him, his name and blessing. This name, Jonathan Robert, ended up being absolutely perfect for our son. We as parents wanted our children's names to have meaning as Charity and Grace have obvious meaning but, Jonathan Robert? Well, I just didn't get the meaning for it.... (besides that I knew both names, were family names, with great pioneer heritage). Last night, my husband told me again the meaning, but it had never clicked in my mind until now of what his name is. The rough translation my husband choose is God has given a shining light. I feel this is true of my son. He is a shining light to our family, even to his sisters. He is so special. We love his name and it flows together nicely. Jonathan Robert, Jonathan Robert....See how nicely it flows?

In regards to a previous post.....
For his birthday we found a Huffy tricycle on clearance for $17 and we were able to get him a cool Jeff Gordon race car. He had two birthday parties, one for each side of the family, and was totally spoiled with presents at both.

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Amazed said...

I loved reading about your son's name. How beautiful! And can I just say...your sunflower picture puts me over the edge!!! Beautiful job!