Monday, October 6, 2008

Grace Suzanne

I have no words to describe my sweet, sweet Grace. She is so precious. She is so beautiful, this picture can't even capture it. It also, fails to capture it because, I haven't taken any cute pics of her lately. But, even than a camera can not display her radiant beauty. She brings such a great spirit into our family. Grace loves the color yellow. See her shirt? She loves yellow so much. She also, loves to sing. One of her favorite songs to sing is, I wanna hold your hand by the beetles. She sings it so beautifully. (smug, smug) because, of my amazing, I mean, despite my lack of singing abilities. (shame) I have this song on my playlist. If you would like to sing along with it.

Grace knows Jesus loves her, and others too. Tonight, she became sad and told me "Jesus dead, I can't see Him now." Her sadness was sincere. She was surprised to find out that He is alive, even though He died for her. I can see how that is confusing for a three year old. I told her He raised up after 3 days and He will come again to the earth where she can live with Him again. She felt happy after learning that.
I love the simple truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that my children came knowing who they were. They came to me with a love for Jesus already instilled in their hearts. Isn't that a beautiful thing? Grace, thanks for the reminder that we all lived with Christ before, where we could see Him. We all love Him even if we don't see Him now. I too yearn to be with Christ again.

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Amazed said...

Beautiful thoughts! We are SOOO lucky to know of God's great love for us...and our children are a manifestation of that great love! Hope things are going well for you in Arizona!!!