Thursday, December 18, 2008

My new favorite thing is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I have some of their Christmas songs on a temporary playlist that will play automatically for you to sample. I listen to them when I am wrapping presents and when I am in the car. I love them! I love there sound and their interpretation of Christmas music. They have some beautiful delicate songs and lots of fun ones with electric guitar. If they ever come to Phoenix, I so want to go to see, hear and experience their concert.

My other new favorite thing is my mother's Christmas poems. The Key and From Whence Came that Sound. They are on her blog, But I have The Key below. For the other visit her blog at
You might want to pause the music to read with the proper rhythm and so you get the full effect of the meanings in the poem.

The Key

Once upon a darkened night
all men slept unaware
that into their lives a glorious light
would this very eve appear

The sheep outside the city grazed
upon the thin sparse grass
as shepherds’ drowsy eyes far gazed
into starry skies of glass

When suddenly a sound was heard
and breath was held with joy
as angel voices spread the word
Of Mary’s little boy

Hark! The melody rang out
in tones of cheer sublime
Listen to the trumpets’ shout
echoing through all time

Nature paused and bowed her head
honoring Salvation’s birth
and cries of hope from all her dead
burst forth throughout the earth

Hosanna! sang each fettered heart
the chains of sin’s dark grasp
soon would fall and all step forth
the Key had come at last

His kingdom he has come to claim
Stem of Jesse’s rod
blessed be His holy name
Christ Jesus, Son of God

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