Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yummy!!!! This is absolutely amazing. This bite size fruit gummy taste like real grapes! It even has the crisp flavor of the skin in the beginning of eating it. I devoured like half the bag before deciding that chewing them made them disappear too fast! So, I started to suck on them and got a different eating experience. It swelled and felt like a real round grape minus the skin in my mouth. My brain had a hard time believing that this is candy in my mouth. Yum-a-licious! I don't even like gummy candy and this is like no other gummy that I have ever had. It was $2.50 at our local Asian store. I even thought of giving it as Christmas gifts this year. So, go get some and try it! They're that good. This is soooo good it should be on Opera's show of her favorite things of the year. Speaking of Opera, she has right now for the 18th and 19th a free download of Holiday Hits. It is a Free CD just go to her site and click on Holiday Hits. Download into your computer. Hurry or your'll miss out on your gift from Oprah. It has some really nice songs.

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Trista said...

WOW! I totally want to try some of these! :D