Sunday, March 22, 2009

I grow babies. What's your superpower?

I love this quote. I found it blog hopping. I will totally have to use this line on my husband in the future. The God given ability, to grow and nurture a human child, physically and spiritually, is totally awe inspiring. Or what is more amazing, a woman can nurture and grow many children at once. We tend to play down our roles as mothers (women). Mothering is a worthy superpower that we should take pride in. When I fill out forms at doctor offices and such, for the occupation line, I always put in 'home maker'! It is my occupation! I am proud to have the privilege to stay home to nurture my children and to 'make a home' where they can grow and learn. This is one reason I am so anxious to move into my first home. I want to make a home for my family! I am ready to be a home maker in the literal since. So, as Sponge Bob would sing, "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!"


Monica said...

I know that being a mother is a privilege, but often times I get bogged down in the day to day challenges of raising my children, and I forget that this is such a vital and precious gift, that Heavenly Father is counting on me to do my best job, to give my children every benifit that I can so, I enjoyed the title of your blog because it is a superpower, a gift from God! Love you, Monica

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof said...

I made a new blog. The other one had problems. It is now "Arizona AdventuRINGS".
I love your blog. See ya.