Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have had a busy week. My sisters came to visit from Texas for spring break. We had a blast. The first night all of us sister sat around the dinner table laughing until,..... someone (Aimee) while laughing, spit water at the rest us, and shot some of it, out of her nose too!! So than, we all got up from the table and laughed some more. I realized that I haven't really laughed for months. It was great to have my sisters around this week. They get me to open up and have fun. I'm too serious all the time.

I have been uber stressed over the house. Worrying that we won't make our closing date. We had to extend our closing date to the 27th instead of the 24th this is the second time that our closing date had to be extended. Talk about disappointing! There still is a chance that we can move in before the 27th. Boy am I praying for it! The waiting game is no fun at all!

This morning I had the privilege to attend a sealing in the Mesa Temple. Ah. So beautiful. I was strongly reminded of my sealing/wedding and the same spirit and feelings I had on that day. The spirit was so strong and sweet this morning. We get to go to the reception this evening. The wedding is Jonathan's cousin Johnny. He is a real fun loving guy. He is so great and he married a beautiful bride this morning, Kelly.

The flowers at the temple are in full bloom. I was soooo disappointed I didn't have my camera with me!!! I would have taken a hundred pictures of the flowers! I was so taken with their beauty in the morning light. I wish I had photos to post for you guys :(
I told Jonathan he has to take me to the temple for our next date so, I can take pictures of the spring flowers.

Jonathan's extended family is in town too. They came from Utah for the wedding. It has been really great to spend time with the Hoopes side of the family. I really love them so much! The Lord truly blessed me when I married into the Hoopes family!

Gotta run and get ready to go back to Mesa for the reception.


Tiffany said...

Hey don't stress about the house, extending the dates happens to EVERY closing. That's the mortgage industry for ya. I know how excited you are to move in it'll happen soon. Sounds like a fun week for you with family though.

sparkle brightly said...

Thanks Tiffany. Yes, I am totally understanding what people mean by how stessful it is to buy a home. I am starting to feel excited again about it, cuz (Holly breaks into song.) "Im moving into my home this week!!!"