Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are still hanging in there. our closing date has been pushed back to the 24th of March. I am frustrated cuz now I have to wait longer. But, I guess it is OK, now I have two more weeks to be prepared for our most anticipated move. In the mean time, I have had tons of fun shopping for the best deals, on the much needed items for my house.

I found some really great deals on craigslist.
*I was able to get a 4 year old set of stainless steal appliances minus the fridge for 300. Glass top stove/oven, over the range microwave, dishwasher all for the 300. They are whirlpool gold.
*I was also able to get a beautiful whirlpool washer/dryer matching set, 2 years old, newer looking model, for 250.
*Also some twin bed sets for a good deal 40/50 each. (head/foot/frame/ mattress)
*Today, I got a 15 ft trampoline with the encloser for $10. That's right Ten Dollars. It is 4 years old but the owner stored it in the summer so it has stayed in almost perfect condition. We are having lots of fun on it today.

I know it is tacky to talk about money but I can't help it. I LOVE the bargain! I get so excited about the items I was able to get that I other wise wouldn't have been able to afford. All because, I bought it used and at a low price (even for being used). Each time I am able to buy something we need that we thought we couldn't afford I feel so blessed by the Lord.
20 days until closing!!!!


DS at the well said...

I am so happy for you too and you know how much I LOVE a bargain!!! I think everyone knows where you get your bargain hunting gene. Love you, mom

Tiffany said...

What a bunch of great deals. You must be the queen of the bargain shoppers. Good luck with the tramp. personally I hate those things. My kids get so dirty on them and without fail they all get hurt. Hope you have better luck.

Amazed said...

You and my daughter...she gets GIDDY when she makes a stealin' deal! What great buys you got!

Monica said...

Hey Holly that is so fantastic!