Monday, April 27, 2009

Memory failure

Aimee, My sister calls me a couple of times a week now. Which is so fun cause She normally is in school during the day, but she didn't sign up for classes this semester. So, she calls me in the middle of the day when we are both at home, board. I get all happy when I hear it is her voice on the phone calling me!! I love her phone calls!

Well during one phone conversation she asks me out of no where,

"Remember when you were pregnant with Charity, and I drew a face on your belly and it was soooo FUNNY?"

I reply saying "What! that never happened! I don't remember anything like that. I would remember something like that."

I would think that if someone drew a giant face on my Big pregnant belly, so they could laugh at me, enjoying it so much they get their husband and kids to laugh at me too. I would remember something like that..... right??? I would!

Aimee was adamant that this really did happen. Well a few days later she SENDS me proof that it really did happen. She indeed, did draw on me, laughed at me and EVEN TOOK pictures, all of which I don't remember, which now serves as further humiliation years later.

She says she has more photos of me like this. What!!?? Even looking at these picutres I totally don't remember this! Julie's lips are red. Aimee says because, she kissed the giant lips on my belly.


Aimee said...

Holly you totaly laughed too which made all of us laugh more because when you laughed your belly moved making the face move it was great fun I cant belive you still dont remember after seeing the pictures love Ya

Amazed said...

The belly story is so funny! What a great face! Aimee should be in art school! Impressionistic tummy art!