Monday, April 27, 2009

Is this really what little boys do?

Jonathan Robert has been potty training. Well I tried and tried before we moved into our new home, but he wouldn't budge. I would ask him if he wanted to go potty in the toilet and I would get a firm "No I don't want to." Bummed that he wouldn't do it. I gave up, saying he's not ready.

Well the very week we move into our new house and there are three new toilets in the house. He finally decides to go in the toilet. I stopped buying diapers and he does great. Weeks later............ He is peeing everywhere!!!!!!!! He is a smart boys and knows what he is doing. He pees in different places all over the house like he is marking the place. He stood on top on my kitchen counter and peed on it, He tried to pee on his sister's leg, He deliberately peed while walking up the stairs WHY!!!!!!!!??????? To see how many stairs he can pee on.....????
He told me he wanted to pee on his sisters stuffed unicorn!!! Good thing, I was right there to tell him no and send him to the toilet. At least I am making him clean up his OWN messes but, of course I have to clean it after I make him wipe some of it up. I do make him seat on the toilet though out the day to try and keep his bladder empty.

I don't understand why he is so curious about his pee.

Is this normal?

How would you guys handle this?


Britt said...

Wow! Never had that happen. However, anytime my kids messed his pants he got a very cold shower. In the toilet resulted in candy and he caught on pretty quick.

Sorry about the pee everywhere. Hopefully he stops soon.

Heather said...

Hi Holly! It's me, Heather, your cousin. I found your blog and thought I'd read. Anyway, I don't know what to tell you with the peeing. I've potty trained 4 of my 5 and never had this yet. Though Raven did decide for awhile that she thought it was fun to pee outside, just drop her pants and try and pee like a boy (at least it was outside). We had to teach her about modesty and all that to break her of it and that took awhile. Maybe try asking him why he's doing it? Kids amaze you sometimes and will actually have an answer. Good luck.
Also, I just set up a blog recently too-you can check it out at Talk to you later.

Tiffany said...

I haven't had that either but I also did the cold shower thing with my 2 older ones and it seemed to work very well, even though my next door neighbor thought it was abusive, oh well the kids are just fine. Good luck and I love the belly pictures. hilarious.