Friday, July 31, 2009

July swim party

This post is a little late. These are pictures from Susie's and Monica's birthday swimming party In early July.

Monica put together about a million rubber bands to make a rope for us to jump over. If ya look closely in the pictures you can see the line we were jumping over. Some people showed off and did tricks over the line while other could never reach it. Stupid Micah and Del who apparently can fly! We all had a blast!


I love the cartoon Effect on this photo!!

Del looks awesome in this next picture!

See.... He's flying or maybe he's just falling with style.

Ops totally missed that one. He's caught on the rubber band line.

Another MISS! Ahh what happened to flying?

I wonder who was doing a trick to get Dillon to make this face? I think it's cute.

These pictures I of get of Brian and Grace every family get-together are so sweet to me.
I luv ucle Bbrrian.

My Family ROCKS! They totally know how to have fun!


Cat On A Hot Tin Roof said...

I am still suffering from injuries sustained at this pool party!!! "Play hard or go home" That's my motto.......hey, wait a minute, I was home. Oh well, it was a blast and worth every injury. I just wish we could do it more often.

sparkle brightly said...

Me too Del! My kids seem to ask me about every other day if we can go to your house to swim.

Monica said...

Holly, I love having everyone over. I just wish my backyard was green and gorgeous! Oh well!!