Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Auto Bots, roll out!"

Back when Jonathan Robert was a baby. I found this awesome toy. Slumblebee!!!! I saw it on a clearance shelf and immediately knew it was to be ours. I searched the rest of the toy area and it was the only one left of its kind and to top things off, it had no upc tag. I took it to the cash register and the workers in the store hadn't seen it before. They searched the toy aisles again and than brought a clearance stuff animal about the same size to price the already loved toy I was trying to buy. They charged me about 2 dollars and something for it. I was very Happy. I took it home as a trophy so proud of myself for finding such a buy and they only charged me a couple of dollars for it!!!! I gave it to my about one year old and he has loved this toy every since. Now that he is turning 3 next month he sleeps with it every night.
Jonathan Robert is obsessed with transformers now. He watches the movies and talks about them all the time. He recently out of the blue told me he wanted a transformer cake for his birthday. I laughed thinking he was so cute. It has now been weeks later and he is still talking about getting transformers for his birthday. He says he wants Optimus prime and bumblebee for his birthday. So cute!
So this morning I was surfing the web to see if I can buy Optimus Prime as a plush for Jonathan Robert and unfortunately I can't. The manufacturers stopped making them. People are charging about 40-60 dollars for this cute little toy on ebay that was originally sold for only 10 dollars. So I guess we are not getting that.
Oh well, Jonathan and I have found a Power Bots version of bumblebee we are going to get Jonathan Robert for his birthday. It is a real transformer but made for the little guys with out all the small complicated breakable parts. It is really cool!! And I know he will LOVE it. Jonathan Robert wants both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee but we can only get one cause they are 30 dollars toys. But I still would have liked to get the Softimus Prime toy. I think he is pretty cool.

Check out this video review of these awesome plush transformers!!

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Tiffany said...

Rylan has been into transformers for a while now too. They are a lot of fun but watch out when you get the bigger toys because the bigger boys play with them (aka dad's)and then the kids never see them again.