Friday, August 28, 2009

Grace's thoughts on death at 4 and a half

Grace was doing something dangerous so I stop her from doing it, and explained why it was dangerous. I tell my children often that doing dangerous things might kill them or hurt their bodies. Our bodies are delicate and can't be replaced. They need to be careful.

Than she says afterwards,
"if I die I would go live with Jesus." I agreed with her, while thinking how cute her love for Jesus is. She often talks about Him and I know she loves Him.
Than she gets a sympathetic look on her face and says,
"but, if I die you would miss me."
I tell her honestly, "yeah that's the sad part about dieing, everyone will miss you and cry."
Than Grace starts to cry a little,
"Mom that thought makes me cry."

I totally agree. When I think about my death all I can think of, is how my family will feel. That very thought of 'my death' hurting my family is whats get me crying too.
Geesh Grace and I are so melancholy.


DS at the well said...

I would miss my sweet daughter more than I could bear on my own. It is only the plan of salvation and happiness that would get any of us through this earthly life without those we love. Kiss that cutey girl for me. Love mom

Julie B. said...

Death is never easy to contemplate. It always hurts so very much. Love you guys. Please take a hug from me.

Tiffany said...

Wow what grown up thoughts, she's so cute. I wish you guys were closer I know our kids would be such great friends. Did you get the softimus prime? Im sorry I was out of town when I got your message.