Friday, September 11, 2009

looking back

My husband

This is my husband 4 days after his mother went to hospice, last year. Can you tell how sad he is? This picture breaks my heart. We were celebrating Charity's 7th birthday party at the pool, and he was trying to keep it together. Which meant he looked like this for most of the party.

However, Halfway though the party, a man at the pool started to talk with him. This man asked questions about our LDS faith for two whole hours and Jonathan relished in the discussion of the gospel. His knowledge and testimony of the gospel is down to earth and wonderful. To him the gospel is life, not some unknown mystical touchy feely stuff. The way he talks of his faith is so simple and makes perfect logic, as the right way to live. I was so grateful to that man for distracting my guy from his grief for 2 whole hours. Thank you stranger man, who took his kids to the pool at the right time to help another in need. That was a blessing to my hubby that day!

I believe the Lord whispered to that man to ask Jonathan his questions of the LDS faith. I also belive they both helped each other that day. Jonathan was able to help clarify some misunderstanding he had of our faith.

Ok, He does keep facial hair now. But, not as long as when this picture was taken. I like hair on my man! I think he is very good looking with a full beard.

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