Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pete and Repeat

My sister-in-law was published in the Glendale Community Collage magazine
The Traveler
with honorable mention in the non fiction category. I am so glad I get to share her story here on my blog! She has agreed to let me post it here and asked that, I let you know how she wishes she would have been a little more respectful/reverent towards our mother-in-law in this story. When she wrote this, she was rushed to submit it without getting to use a fine tooth comb over it. Her teacher wanted her to submit it, at the last minute, to get the experience of it. She never thought she'd get published or get Honorable mention.

This is our family in my Mother-In-Law's Hospice room about a week after she was admitted. She ended up staying in hospice an entire month before she died of colon cancer. She was a determined woman and held out as long as she could.

'Pete and Repeat' was her favorite Joke. My husband 'Jonathan' in the story thought it was appropriate that moment to share it as a family. I remember her laugh. Her joy was infectious.

We love Danica, and we're glad that she fell right into our puzzle like a charm.

Once you click on the link, On the top bar is a zoom button, click it.
You will need to zoom the page to 100% or 125% to be able to read it.

Her Story is Pete and Repeat on page 14.

Thanks Danica for capturing this special moment for us.


DS at the well said...

Holly babe! Thanks for sharing again, Its nice to remember Kara and also to have a reminder that our death is a part of our lives, and I'm sure Kara reveled in love by being surrounded by her family and in the assurance that she brought her children up in love and was loved and that her family's love for her and each other would continue. I can't believe all the fun things you have done to your blog. Keep up the postings. Love you.

Susie Kaplan said...

Hey sis I read the story and loved it. you need to convince her to please please write a book!! I got sucked into her story/writing and wanted more!!

Tiffany said...

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. That is exactly how the Hoopes are and that's why I love you guys so much.

Brandee Burt said...

So so beautiful, great job!