Thursday, October 29, 2009

Charity turns 8!

We've been a little busy this month with two parties and a baptism to plan for Charity. I'm so glad it all turned out!

Charity's baptism was so wonderful.

She was so excited for her baptism. She just glowed with happiness.

The spirit was strong the whole meeting.

I am so disappointed!!!!
We left in such a hurry to get to our house for the brunch we were holding afterwars, that we didn't take any pictures of Charity in her baptism dress!!!
Charity looked so beautiful!
I can't believe that I didn't think to get a picture of her in her dress!!!!
Ugh, Enough of my complaining,

Charity did do a great job singing. Our little family sang
"I know that my Savior loves me"
We practiced for weeks, and my little ones didn't sing. Grace knew the song so well. She said she was too scared to sing in front of everyone. Jonathan Robert sings the chorus so cutely! but, he didn't sing either. :(

Here's the link to the song. It's such a beautiful song.
We can hardly sing it without crying.

You can find this song in the 2010 sharing time outline.

Charity also, had some wonderful Twilight birthday parties!!
See what an awesome mom I am?
I make Twilight cupcakes with bite marks and everything!
Before the party, we listened to the Twilight sound track.
(I really know how to Rock out too!)
I'm so awesome!

Charity's parties were killer!

She got some great gifts by the family.

The second party was for my hubby's side of the family.
Well, our cake didn't turn out. I didn't even bother taking a picture.

Daddy had a great idea and took Charity to the store to buy red velvet cakes. Well, I guess red velvet is a very soft cake cause it fell apart, after my wonderful hubby layered it. It broke so badly I couldn't make it Twilight themed at all. It did taste good though. (I really mean it when I say he is wonderful.) No sarcasm intended.

Happy Eighth Birthday Charity!
I hope we made some great memories for you.


DS at the well said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Charity, I absolutely can not believe she is eight years old already. (I also can't believe MY first baby is 39!!) I especially liked the fang marked cupcakes! I don't know how you think of all that. Hope you have a nice day, it sure is cool in the house this morning, had to put on a sweater.

Tiffany said...

Happy birthday to Charity. I forgot her and Audrey are the same age. Aren't baptism's awesome? What a great Mom you are and great cupcakes.

Brandee Burt said...

what a sweet little girl, I bet she felt so loved and close to her Heavenly Father. Funny, I'm 28 and want a twilight birhtday party! Want to make me some cupcakes???!

Susie Kaplan said...

Charity looked so cute in her baptism outfit. I wish you got some pictures of her in her dress!! you need to just dress her up again and take some pictures for the memories. I love ya sis so much and miss ya. XOXOXOXOXO

Julie B. said...

That song is beautiful. It did make me cry. Happy Birthday Charity and congrats on your baptism. You are a great mom !

Greg and Talena said...

Happy Birthday Charity! Michaela says "HI"