Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hoping for another miracle

In 2007 My little sister Susie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the tender age of 21. It was absolutely devastating. Susie was a miracle and survived the cancer but was left with one barely functioning ovary. However, years later Susie is now struggling with the second horrible part of cancer, as if the first part wasn't bad enough. She now has to overcome "The Medical Bills".

We have a chance to help her achieve yet another miracle in her life. Susie and her husband have an opportunity to receive a years worth of free rent, but they need people to vote for them. This year of free rent would give her the second miracle in her life, to be free from her cancerous debt! She would also be able to finish nursing school, supplement her husbands teacher salary and thus, be able to pay for fertility treatments to bring them closer to their third miracle, a baby.

I love my Beautiful sister so much! I would appreciate any help in getting her the votes she needs to get this one year of free rent. The voting only take a few seconds. You do not need to register or anything annoying. Just a click.
Voting is open now until May 9th.
Be sure to watch their touching video and vote for Micah and Susie
Click on the link to get to the voting page.


DS at the well said...

I love you Holly!

Brandee Burt said...

I voted as much as I could. Let us know how it turns out!

j anderson said...

Wow, Holly, your sister has an amazing story! No matter what happens, I bet she will do great things with her life. It's too bad she didn't win the contest. Best of luck to all of you!!